Hello everyone! So I’ve mentioned in my very first post that I will use this blog “to ramble on about my life in an artistic and entertaining fashion” and sure I have sort of done that but its been in the past tense and hasn’t really incorporated any events that have happened recently or anything currently happening, sooooo let me try remedy that!

If you’re a music fanatic and follow any live bands, please do excuse my clickbaity title as I am referring to becoming a road cyclist, not someone who helps bands with setting up during their gigs (despite how awesome that actually sounds).

So I’ve been a mountain biker for the past 6 years and boy it’s been amazing. In my early years, I raced in the cross country discipline. My best position was a measly 15th but I wasn’t discouraged as my age category was extremely competitive and I was in it mostly for enjoyments sake. After graduating from high school, I started to branch out more and last year I took part in 2 road races and was instantly hooked on the new discipline. Again, I never won any races but recently I discovered that, according to the national seeding index, I was ranked in the top 15% of road cyclists in the country! I was a bit hesitant to believe this but I did eventually get confirmation that this news was accurate (To be fair, this is a numerical rank of +- 17 000 / 112 000 ranked road cyclists). Nonetheless I found this to be a great personal achievement as I don’t have a coach or lots of money to spend on my bike or on energy supplements nor do I even currently own a road bike! I did one race on my mountain bike and the other on a friend’s spare entry level road bike. Even without moderately good results, I still love road cycling with such a passion. The planted feeling you feel when on the tarmac and the pure speed of it all is simply exhilarating. Sure not every day in the saddle will be good and my hype will die down somewhat but still I will be sure to love road biking till the day I die. Apart from my subjective feelings towards the sport, it also makes economical sense; on the couple of competitive MTB races that I’ve done, it has become clear that my budget mountain bike cannot cope very well and it will cause my maintenance costs to shoot through the roof. Road cycling on the other hand is much less costly.

Despite this, I’m still keeping my mountain bike because I can never truly leave MTB behind. I still shred the trails every so often and there’s an awesome MTB community in my hometown that I love riding with. I’m quite excited with what a future in road cycling has for me and I cannot wait to find out.

In other news, after re-watching How I Met Your Mother and The Big Bang Theory about 7 times each, I have finally gotten hold of Game of Thrones to watch! Yeah, not a good idea seeing as my first round of semester tests are coming up soon.

This year we have also started a module called “Programming for Engineers” which is…interesting. It’s my first time doing programming and while it’s okay to see them doing cool hacking things on TV and think ‘wow, I wanna be able to do that’, it’s not that simple when you’re actually trying to learn how to code. Debugging your own code is especially tedious and can incite strong emotions within yourself. You’ll sometimes find yourself thinking up long strings of swearwords and often you’ll age 10 years in a matter of weeks. Okay I’m exaggerating slightly, it’s hard work but persistence is worth its weight in gold here (lets pretend that persistence has a tangible weight for a moment). It’s very satisfying seeing self-written programs work as planned.

First quarter also ends on the 21st, which means its holiday soon! Sure its only 10 days and I’m sure we will get vacation work but 10 lecture-free days is a Godsend right now. Please do follow me using the links and icons below, I very much appreciate it and will follow back! Thanks for reading everyone and expect more soon! Cheers.