Hey guys, it’s been about a week and a half since uni has opened for second quarter and the usual, sleep deprived routine of mine has come back. The full force of studies has long since hit and familiar faces and set timetables has put me back in the groove of (sometimes) studying.

Not much has been going on as of late except for an exciting cycling related multi part series that is to come on the blog! Not to give much away, but it involves my first road bike purchase (not exactly a purchase by definition, but stay tuned (keep my browser tab open?) for the story!).

My birthday was also this Saturday (April 6th) and I am now 20! I had a really great day ending off with a barbecue at a mates apartment. Wonderful day. Next year I’ll be…well, I haven’t decided how old I’ll be (That’s a HIMYM reference that someone better get!).

So along with my usual procrastination platform, a.k.a YouTube, I’ve also gotten Borderlands 2 on my PC to play as I wait for Borderlands 3. Pity its only releasing on Steam 6 months after being an Epic Games store exclusive. Since I have no experience using the Epic store, I can’t really form much of an opinion, but nothing I’ve heard about them was positive. But that’s possibly for another blog post.

Also, can someone please give me an Amazon Prime account? I’ve been absolutely itching to watch The Grand Tour S3 (For legal reasons that’s a joke).

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Have a good one!